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The Stellar Sleep & Oura sleep therapy beta trial

Stellar Sleep and Oura have partnered to make your insomnia treatment even more effective with Oura Ring.

Your Oura Sleep Score and Sleep Contributors will give Stellar Sleep’s clinicians additional insights to further personalize your program.

Just connect your Oura Ring to the Stellar Sleep app and your sleep data will be automatically added to your daily sleep journal.

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"10 Years of Insomnia Cured.

Before this I tried everything, from supplements to meds to lifestyle changes. Now I fall asleep fast and stay asleep. This app is the only thing that has ever truly helped me with sleep.

- Arabella S., Nov 2023 App Store review

Stellar Sleep is the #1 ranked app for insomnia...

  • Custom sleep program based on your insomnia
  • Based on CBT-I, same program used in top sleep clinics
  • Proven results to cure insomnia permanently

...and Stellar Sleep users see significant progress

52% less time awake at night
74 mins more total sleep time
53 mins less time to fall asleep

Ready to sleep better?
Get a free Stellar Sleep program,
exclusive to Oura Members

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CBT-I for insomnia

Top sleep doctors and sleep clinics use CBT-I (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia), a well-established and proven technique for treating insomnia.

How CBT-I fixes insomnia long-term:

Addresses the root cause of your insomnia
Change thoughts and behavior patterns that disrupt sleep
Learn how to sleep well again

How Stellar Sleep works

Stellar Sleep creates a personalized sleep program for you based on CBT-I.

Invest just 10 mins each day

We’ll guide you daily with interactive content modules, plus tools for tracking your sleep.
Try us for a week

See if CBT-I is a good fit for you. Stellar Sleep users start seeing a difference in the first week.
Complete your custom program

Your program will be 30+ days, depending on your insomnia, but we'll guide you at every step.
Access help any time you need

Once your program is complete, we'll help you manage any relapses and keep your good sleep consistent.
Ready to sleep better?
Get a free Stellar Sleep program,
exclusive to Oura Members


Stellar Sleep has quietly changed my life.

It has helped me handle my anxiety where it no longer affects my sleep. This app has helped me believe that I can sleep like a normal person again.

- Pete M., Mar 2023 App Store review

Common misconceptions about insomnia

Caused by caffeine/alcohol
Caused by screen use at night
Can be cured with pills or drugs
Insomnia is actually caused by deeper issues such as anxiety, stress or burnout.
Insomnia options
Stellar Sleep
Pills /
Caffeine /  Screens
Addresses root cause of insomnia
Cures insomnia long-term
No dependency
or side effects
Recommended by top sleep doctors

Ready to sleep better?

Get a free Stellar Sleep program,
exclusive to Oura Members
Guided interactive program, just 10 mins/day
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